Processing and Preserving Corporate and Institutional Collections

Whether an organization is celebrating its centenary or is young and prioritizing documenting its activity, Sepia Archival Management can help. We can organize records, store them with a focus on long-term preservation and plan a strategy for continued preservation practices.

Maintaining Archival Collections

Sepia Archival Management will work with organizations on a retainer basis to maintain their collections. This includes ensuring materials are in the correct location, that they are labeled correctly, that finding aids are up to date and other upkeep activities.

Providing Strategic Consulting

Sepia Archival Management offers high-level consulting services. We serve those seeking archiving strategies, translation, digitization and many other services. We also work with institutions to help find the right archiving software. This includes databases, online exhibition platforms and digital storage.

Organizing Personal Collections

Do you have old family documents, photos or movies that you would like to preserve for future generations? Sepia Archival Management can help arrange and preserve these materials and offer guidance for their long-term care. 

Donating Your Collection

Some archival collections are best housed with libraries, museums, historical societies or other organizations. Sepia Archival Management can help connect collections with a new home. We will also support people in the process of creating a deed of gift.

Cataloguing Art, Book and Other Collections

Sepia Archival Management offers services to home libraries, art and other collections. We catalogue and organize the materials and create a searchable document or database for the collector’s records. We also assess the state of preservation of the materials, and can give advice for the care of the collections.

Documenting Artistic Practices

For artists seeking funding or interested in documenting their work and career, Sepia Archival Management can help with a strategy. We can provide a plan for documenting artistic process and support funding applications.